About Total Capital Solutions Ltd

Total Capital Solutions Ltd helps companies list at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Australia Stock Exchange, Bermuda Stock Exchange & USA Stock Exchanges through its wide network partners with expertise in their particular fields.

As your listing partner we offer a one stop listing service.

We believe that you as our esteem client, should concentrate on growing your business while we complete the listing process on your behalf. We have found this process extremely successful.

Our expert associates will handle all the public relation and investor relation work as they have access to institutional financing. Presently we are listing companies from all over the world. Our legal associates will prepare your company prospectus both in English and German and they will also handle the BaFin, FSA, BSX approval process. Our Chartered Accountant associates handle all business plans and verification of accounts.

Through our various sources, Total Capital Solutions Ltd provide Equity Line from $1 million to $250 million over a period of two years or Loan Against Shares up to 65% LTV and an interest rate up to 4%.


To help boost the economy, one must start to strengthen the foundation. Being the economy backbones, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) anywhere in the world should be our focus. Ideally, SMEs will have easy access to all types of funding and full government assistant, but unfortunately, the current economic system is not up to par, especially those in the emerging markets and developing countries.

Total Capital Solutions Ltd is aware of this situation. As an international investor relations company, Total Capital Solutions Ltd has been helping SMEs to raise capital in Asia and Africa regions. We raise capital globally through IPO listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This way, SMEs get to raise money for business and investors get to put their money to a good use and get return from investment.

Not only IPO, Total Capital Solutions Ltd also helps SMEs to raise money for individual projects with no industry preference. With its wide network partners, Total Capital Solutions Ltd is not an industry-specific company and is able to help companies from all over the world and from various types of industries to raise money for business.


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Financial Products

Total Capital Solutions Ltd has strong relations with various Financial Institutions and can help companies acquire letters of credit, bank guarantees, proof of funds and performance bonds.

Credit Facility

A Credit Facility is a flexible financing structure in which GPG commits to purchasing shares of common stock directly from a company, at prevailing market prices, over a multi-year period - contact us for more information.

Prospectus Preparation

Our legal associate can prepare Prospectus both in English and German and handle the BaFin or FSA approval process.