Listing Flowchart

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Total Capital Solutions LTD is in the business of helping SME’s grow organically or through acquisitions. We achieve this by assisting our international corporate clients with their financing needs and can even help qualifying companies pay down their existing debt.

Total Capital Solutions LTD has a wide network of associates around the world and we also assist qualifying companies to access Government grants for their Research and Development projects.

Total Capital Solutions LTD helps companies that are interested in listing their shares on the Frankfurt, Australian, Bermuda & USA Stock Exchanges through its wide network of partners with expertise in their particular fields.

Why List at FSE

  • Founded 400 years ago
  • FSE hosts public companies from over 70 different countries including the USA
  • Over 60% of daily trading volume originates from investors outside Germany
  • FSE turnover rate is higher than London Stock Exchange
  • The FSE is the third largest stock exchange in the world* behind the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ FSE is more lenient towards foreign companies
  • Listing on the FSE provides a large variety of advantages
  • Access to international high quality investors
  • A competitive regulatory framework
  • High visibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • High liquidity

Benefits of Going Public

Why would a small or medium-sized business owner want to take her or his privately held company public and deal with all the rigmarole associated with public status? That is a good question!

A few of the major benefits of going public:

  • Gives your company more credibility and prestige with customers, clients, employees, the press and the financial community.
  • Provides the company founders with a long-term exit strategy.
  • Offers more liquidity for the founders and minority shareholders and investors.
  • Public companies can easily finance growth through equity capital rather than debt capital because:
  • The company stock can be used as currency for mergers and acquisitions;
  • Equity is available for an unlimited period of time and can be used without restrictions; and
  • Being public increases your company’s awareness and visibility vis-à-vis investors.
  • Being public makes it much easier to raise capital and reduces the need for expensive, and often controlling, venture capital financing.
  • Public companies are often valued much higher than their private counterparts.
  • Being public gives more options for raising capital; you can raise capital through both public and private offerings so you have the benefit of access to more sources of capital.


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Financial Products

Total Capital Solutions Ltd has strong relations with various Financial Institutions and can help companies acquire letters of credit, bank guarantees, proof of funds and performance bonds.

Credit Facility

A Credit Facility is a flexible financing structure in which GPG commits to purchasing shares of common stock directly from a company, at prevailing market prices, over a multi-year period - contact us for more information.

Prospectus Preparation

Our legal associate can prepare Prospectus both in English and German and handle the BaFin or FSA approval process.