National Stock Exchange (Australia)

The National Stock Exchange (Australia) (NSX) the NSX was re-established in February 2000 and has since grown to become Australia’s second largest listing stock exchange. NSX offers companies a wide and flexible range of listing options covering all market sectors.

An NSX listing is specifically attractive to companies looking for:

• Capital for growth and working capital
• Investor exit and succession planning solutions
• Migration from an existing listing
• Cross-border cross-time zone listings

Since 2000, NSX has helped hundreds of companies list that have raised capital in excess of $2.5 billion for growth and innovation. NSX offers a simple, flexible, cost effective and customer focused option for many companies seeking a listing. NSX also lists debt and investment scheme securities to investors.

A public stock exchange offers listing companies and security issuers many benefits including:

  • Access to capital - raise finance on admission or via further capital raisings for organic growth, acquisition or combination of the two. It also allows a company to access and raise capital in the future. For major expansions, being a listed public company improves access to capital as many investor channels are simply unavailable to companies not trading on an exchange.
  • Wider investor base - increase the number and range of retail and institutional investors
  • Secondary trading - encourages investment, provides a market valuation and allows existing investors to easily exit and new investors to access your company
  • Improved valuation - provides stature, price transparency and an independent valuation of your company
  • Acquisition currency - the issuance of shares provides an alternative method of acquiring assets
  • Share incentives - makes share-based incentive schemes for management and employees more attractive to retain and attract key personnel
  • Higher public profile - receive greater media coverage, analysts reports and general public profile and reputation
  • Improved customer & supplier status - demonstrates financial stability to customers and suppliers
  • Exit strategy - provides an opportunity for founders and investors to realize some or all their investment

Becoming listed on a public market is a logical step in the evolution of many businesses, but should be taken only after proper consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of listing. Most successful private companies see a public listing as the natural course to continued growth and success. NSX specializes in helping companies reach this next stage in their development.

NSX advantages include:

  • Low costs
  • PRESS marketing suite
  • Simple Rules
  • Appropriate listing criteria
  • Fast listing processing
  • Multiple listing options
  • Flexible trading options
  • State of the art trading systems
  • Extensive adviser community
  • Multiple market listings
  • Customer focused
  • Investor confidence & corporate governance


NSX’s fee structure is designed to offer companies real value for money. Our fees are the lowest in Australia and will save companies money at every stage of the listing process and while remaining listed with us. Listing fees are up to 80% cheaper and our annual fees up to 60% less than the ASX. Simple listing Rules and annual compliance.


NSX’s trading market is run on NASDAQ OMX’s state of the art X-stream system, which is used by many of the largest markets around the world. Trading occurs on a strict time/price priority basis and settlement occurs securely via Delivery versus Payment (DvP) in CHESS on a t+3 basis.


Did you know that it’s possible to list on the NSX and be quoted on the OTCQX International market for less than just listing on another Australian exchange? All exchanges are happy to welcome your company as a secondary listing on their market, but none will help you get your company quoted onto foreign markets.

NSX will because we understand the benefit to you of having your company quoted in multiple markets that cover multiple time zones and different investors. Being listed in multiple markets gives your company access to different investors, more trading time (Australia plus North America for example) and easier investor access to your stock by allowing trading in their local market (familiarity and same currency) in their usual time zone. NSX will work with your chosen overseas market and has Nomads that are experienced in overseas quotations. We want to help any company that wants to expand their footprint globally.


NSX staff pride themselves on being professional and approachable experts who are keen to help you every step of the way. If your company meets our listing criteria, we aim, to have you complete your listing procedure as quickly, smoothly and cost effectively as possible. Once you are listed, we aim to manage your listing presence in a professional and cost effective manner. We help companies throughout the listing process with everything from advice and introductions through to problem solving and unique tailored solutions. We are also the only exchange to offer the “PRESS” marketing program that helps spread your IPO message to investors throughout Australia and the world and generate continued interest post your launch.


NSX markets are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and our listed companies are required to adhere to continuous disclosure obligations. We also provide companies with a framework for compliance and corporate governance.


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