Security Backed Loan

  • A Security-Backed Loan (“SBL”) is a loan collateralized by shares (“Collateral Shares”) of a publicly traded company stock, which can be a useful tool for short or long term borrowing needs
  • SBLs are a simple and effective financial instrument that allows the Borrower to maintain a position in the market (no need to sell stock), while creating liquidity to meet an immediate monetary goal
  • An SBL limited-recourse loan that makes use of stock as collateral and does not require additional security in the form of assets such as real estate or other personal property
  • Stockholders with concentrated positions in a single security can utilize an SBL to borrow against their securities as a basic asset hedge
  • Relatively quick and minimally intrusive funding process
  • Collateral Shares are deposited in the borrower’s name and does NOT require a title change
  • Lender does not require nor seek to hold a majority/controlling interest in the public company associated with the Collateral Shares

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Financial Products

Total Capital Solutions Ltd has strong relations with various Financial Institutions and can help companies acquire letters of credit, bank guarantees, proof of funds and performance bonds.

Credit Facility

A Credit Facility is a flexible financing structure in which GPG commits to purchasing shares of common stock directly from a company, at prevailing market prices, over a multi-year period - contact us for more information.

Prospectus Preparation

Our legal associate can prepare Prospectus both in English and German and handle the BaFin or FSA approval process.